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Liking Yourself

Posted on: February 12, 2010

       One way of making sure that you are
       self-confident is to learn to like
       yourself unconditionally. Whether
       or not you are perfect, you should
       try and make sure that you aren’t
       overcritical with yourself.
       Maybe you’re not the kind of person
       who already feels confident in yourself
       all the time. If not, think about this:
       You can inspire others without even
       knowing it. It’s great to see people
       doing their own thing without worrying
       about what others think. If you live your
       life this way, you can show others by
       example that they can too.
       Here are a few tips that you could use
       to learn to like yourself more.
       1.  The more you work to be happy, the
            more happiness you’ll generate for
            yourself and for those around you.
            It’s like happiness requires that
            we develop a feel good muscle. Once
            you get used to feeling happy, you
            will want to feel happy in the future
            as well.
       2.  Love, accomplishment, appreciation,
           physical health, and anything else
           that brings a sense of fulfilment
           and accomplishment can help you feel
           good about yourself. 
       3.  Believe that you mean something to
           someone. Do something good for another
           in need or for a friend. This will make
           you feel so much better about yourself.
       4.  Get up each morning and practise a few
           self-affirmations, even if you don’t
           wholeheartedly believe them right now.   
           Stand in front of a mirror and say: 
            I am me
            I am special
            I am loved
       5.  Don’t worry about what others think of
           you. Your true friends know that you are
           a unique human being and they don’t care
           about what others think of you. So,
           practise the same self-acceptance of
       6. Believe in yourself as much as possible,
          regardless of whether you believe
          that you will do something right. If
          you have a positive attitude, it is
          amazing what you can accomplish. But
          what is more, you will start believing
          in yourself and liking yourself.
       The possibilities for your life are limitless.
       All you have to do is to believe in yourself
       and like yourself.And this will show others
       that you are valuable, whether or not you buy
       into the latest fashion trends, hang out with
       a certain group of kids who are ‘in’, or get
       high grades. You will start liking yourself


5 Responses to "Liking Yourself"

Hi, Irene (o;

I’m looking forward to checking in on your great blog! I’m a former co-writer with Nancy Sanders, and a member of Wordsmits8. Hope you’ll drop by my blog and say “hi” now and then!

Hi Sheryl,

Thank you so much for visiting! I will have a newsletter soon that will be attached to this blog and an e-book about self-assertion and self-confidence for teen girls. Please visit often.

Take care,

Wonderful tips for teen girls. Keep enpowering them to be their best. Great blog.

Hi Terri,

I am going to be including a lot of information in future. Thank you so much for visiting!

Take care,

Hi Terri,

Thanks so much for visiting. I will keep writing a lot more tips in future.

Please visit again.


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