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Your self-esteem and Culture

Posted on: February 13, 2010

       When girls develop and are in the first
       stages of puberty, both mothers and fathers
       tend to turn away from this sign of their
       development. So, there is little support
       for girls becoming more mature at a time
       when they need it the most.
       The media also tell girls that they are
       objects of shame and must hide or
       camouflage themselves. The natural weight
       gain that girls experience at puberty is
       insulted by the ubiquitous ideal of a
       Barbie-doll shape and incessant diet
       fads in teenage girls’ magazines.
       Above all, girls in adolescence are at
       risk for unwanted attention from men.
       Not only does a girl have to assume the
       self-care of a menstruating young woman,
       but she has to be aware of defending herself
       against sexual advances at a very young age
       from unwanted sources.
       Our cultural expectations of girls becoming
       women have had a similar psychological effect.
       Although girls are not expected immediately
       to marry, give up their identities, and have
       children,they instead are faced with giving up
       their core selves and dissembling their strengths
       in order to be accepted. Girls are hurting
       themselves by failing to releas feelings of frustration
       and by failing to affirm their own aliveness. 
       Anorexia and bulimia are likewise rising in girls
       at alarming rates. At their extreme, these are
       suicidal thoughts and behaviours. Many girls are
       unconsciously reenacting myths that can be dangerous
       to a girl’s self-esteem and self-confidence.
       In addition, there is an explosion of attention
       to a girl’s drop in self-esteem at adolescence.
       However, girls need more than techniques with which
       to fight off aggressors. They need caring adults to
       teach, advise, and create rituals that help girls
       negotiate the transition to a whole, multi-dimensional
       womanhood that is based on feminist values but also
       includes roles traditionally thought to be male.
       The purpose of this blog is to help girls with all
       of these issues. I will talk about all of these
       various difficulties and challenges that girls are
       exposed to and have to endure. And I hope that you
       will also leave comments for each other so that you
       could share any negative, positive or neutral
       experiences and difficulties.

       See you next time, and don’t be shy to leave a comment
       on any topic at all.   

       I so look forward to hearing from you.

       ~ Irene


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