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Loving Unconditionally

Posted on: February 16, 2010

       Love is at the very core of self-esteem.
       If you don’t love yourself, very few will.
       Your parents are exemplars of love and how
       to show it. It is also the only assurance of
       love that is available to you until you
       get friends of your own.
       Knowing you are loved is knowing that
       you are lovable. And this is the necessary
       foundation for knowing that you too have
       great power to contribute your own love
       to the world. This is so important
       to realize and to bring about.
       When your parents love you fully and
       unconditionally, you receive the greatest gift
       that anyone can give you. But what if that
       doesn’t happen instinctually and normally? Why
       are so many parents so bad at doing it right?
       Why do your parents seem to love you with
       conditions attached?
       The answer is complicated but much of it
       comes back to the factthat your parents possibly
       were never taught how to love unconditionally
       by their parents. It is one of the most glaring
       tragedies of this century that the vast majority
       of us are loved deeply by our parents, yet
       the communication of that most previous gift
       was often bungled to the point of undermining
       rather than underpinning our sense of self-esteem.
       Out of ignorance, habit or simply the difficulty
       of keeping the awesome importance of this
       task in perspective, it is all too easy
       for your parents to repeat those mistakes
       with you.
       If your parents fail at giving unconditional
       love and support, they have failed you,
       for instead of giving you a strong and
       supportive foundation upon which to build
       your own sense of self, your parents create
       a treacherous and jumbled platform and
       then ask you to do your own repairs.
       Do you feel loved and appreciated by your
       parents? If not, why? If so, why and how?
       Can I love myself unconditionally,
       regardless of whether my parents love
       me fully, without strings attached?

       I look forward to hearing from you!

       ~ Irene


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