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Doing the things that make you feel loved

Posted on: February 17, 2010

           Every day, we need to do things that will
           make us feel loved. This is usually something
           that we could do for ourselves and that could
           work quite well to make us feel better about
           Parents sadly don’t usually show us the
           kind of love that we need in order to feel
           loved. It is neither instinctual for a parent
           to express love in a way that is meaningful
           to a child, nor is it evident how tremendously
           important the frequent expression of love
           can be.
           First and foremost, for your self-esteem to be
           nurtured, you must feel constantly loved, and
           know at a cellular level that you are loved
           totally and unconditionally. That may mean
           that your parents will have to discover how you
           best experience love is it a pat on the shoulder,
           a look of deep connection, or the words “I love you”.
           If your parents aren’t fulfilling this void of
           nurturance in your life, perhaps it is important
           for you to communicate it to them. Ask you Mom
           if she could spend a bit more time with you.
           But try not ask her in an angry manner.
           Ask her with love in your heart.
           If your parents aren’t demonstrative with their
           love, love them unconditionally. Sometimes, that
           could help to instill that habit of unconditional
           love and nurturance in them towards you.
           You could also just decide that you will love yourself
           yourself and do things that make you feel loved,
           regardless of whether or not your parents or friends
           are demonstrative with their love. This is absolutely
           essential life skill to acquire in life and will
           really benefit you later on. 
           Thus, the best way to get all the love that you need is
           is to nurture and love yourself. That way, you
           don’t have to wait until someone else loves you in
           order to feel loved.
           ~ Irene


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