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Believing in Yourself … at all times

Posted on: February 19, 2010

           Sticking to Things, even when it seems unbearable
           Irene S. Roth
           Life doesn’t always unfold the way we want to.
           In fact, sadly it rarely does.
           Occasionally, that means that girls will be put
           through many traumas that they may prefer to 
           have been spared from. We all respond differently 
           to serious stress and emotional upheaval.
           Some of us get wild, some develop emotional scars
           that can last a lifetime. However, one variant that 
           is common to many troubled girls is that they keep 
           trying, through anger, through withdrawal,
           by repeated failure, and any other way their
           ingenious minds can devise, to prove that they
           are lovable.
           Being the wonderful egocentric souls that we are,
           anything bad that happened had to have happened
           because of us, and then we will not rest until
           we prove it.
           Needless to say, this presents us with a
           challenge of enormous proportions, especially
           if our own mistakes or decisions played a role
           in the emotional turmoil that we are going through.
           The world does not come with a safety wrapper.
           Unfortunately, when bad things happen, it is
           often the aftermath that proves most destructive,
           simply because we aren’t ready, trained or prepared
           to deal with difficult emotional issues.
           How can we help ourselves when bad things happen
           to us? One thing that we could learn to do is
           to love ourselves unconditionally, regardless of
           the circumstances that we find ourselves in.
           That way, we could really cope with whatever
           comes our way.
           Most of what happens to us or is done to us is
           done as a result of another’s weakness. Very
           little is done to us intentionally, unless we 
           allow it. So, when you get hurt, just know in
           your heart that the person who hurted you is
           far more of a victim than you are. Just walk
           away and believe in yourself. This is the
           worse punishment you could impose on bullies
           and people who hurt you.

           ~ Irene


2 Responses to "Believing in Yourself … at all times"

Hello Irene,

Wow! I love your site, and young women are fortunate to have you writing excellent content. I love the part about loving ourselves unconditionally. This is good advice for all women–regardless of age. I look forward to reading more. Great blog! Thanks for sharing.

Linda Della Donna
…And sometime when I wasn’t looking, I got a new life.

Hi Linda,

I’m so glad that you like my site. I hope to have a newsletter also soon. Please visit soon.

Take care,

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