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Nurturing Yourself is so Important

Posted on: February 22, 2010

            It is very important for you to feel close
            to your parents and teachers. This can help
            you not to feel so alone and overwhelmed
            when real problems and uncertainties arise
            in your life.
            Love really matters, and the stronger the
            connections that you have with your parents
            and relatives, and the deeper those feelings
            tie you together, the better chance you have
            to stay out of trouble and build a strong
            foundation for your life and for those
            around you.
            Thus, your parents and teachers are vital
            in your life.Raising children is no with all of
            easy job. When it is combined the pressures and
            stresses of your parents other goals, such as
            pursuing their own lives andcareers, it can
            become a nonstop treadmill. And, understandably,
            this upheaval can be really difficult for
            you to cope with.
            When all of these changes are occurring, your
            parents tend to see only what’s in front of
            ther eyes and faces. They focus only on what
            needs to be done at the moment, such as
            finish a particular project, return a
            phone call, go to the supermarket or gym
            and so on. Other long term needs
            get submerged by this life of detail.
            Lost in the background a lot of time is your
            parent’s need to tend and nurture the
            emotional bonds in their life. No matter
            how strong those relationships seem to
            be, they need to be nurtured on a regular
            basis for them to keep growing.
            Do you have a nurturing life at home with
            your parents? Do you have nurturing
            relationships with your teachers? 
            I hope so and look forward to hearing
            from you.
            ~ Irene


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