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Fostering Belonging

Posted on: February 25, 2010

           One of the most fundamental ways that parents
           can demonstrate love for their teens is by
           giving them a secure context, a sense of
           belonging in a place that is uniquely theirs.
           In order for our daughters to be brave little
           beings, to have the courage, freedom and the
           opportunity to strike out in that bold discovery
           of their own identities, they must have a safe
           and secure harbor from which to luanch and
           to which they can return.
           Kids and teens struggle with finding their
           identities within their own families, then
           as they get older, within peer groups, in
           classes and clubs, on teams, and in workplaces.
           We all seek to feel that we are welcomed and we
           belong, and yet this is becoming more and
           more complicated for kids and teens. As family
           life becomes more varied, with step-parents,
           significant others, multiple grandparents,
           step-siblings, both parents working, changing
           caregivers, and more, it can be difficult
           for a girl to feel comfortably settled just
           as a matter of course.
           Thus, it is important for parents and
           families to foster a sense of belonging 
           in their teens and kids. Here are a few
           ways to foster belonging:
           1. Make sure that your daughter knows the
              importance of her presence through your
              attitude and actions when she comes into
              a room or kitchen.
           2. Tell your daughter that you missed her
              when she goes to visit grandma for a few
           3. Tell your daughter how nice it is to see
               her after a long day at school.
               Tell her that her presence makes
               you smile.
           4. Hug your daughter every day and ideally
              several times a day. Let her know that
              you really care about her and love her.
           By following these few tips, you could really
           help your presence through your daughter feel
           much more loved and she will feel as if she
           truly belongs.
           ~ Irene


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