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Make No Comparisons

Posted on: February 26, 2010

                It is very important for you not to
               compare your daughter to other siblings
               or to her friends or neighbours. 
               Your daughter is a unique person and is
               special in her own way.  She needs to be
               respected and accepted as the person that
               she is without any comparisons. This is
               important for her to develop self-esteem
               and self-confidence.
               Every daughter needs to experiment and
               explore. Every daughter will have
               different needs and wants. Every daughter 
               will want to explore different fashions,
               colours, pastimes and so on.
               And mothers should be there to help her
               as often as possible by being respectful
               of her choices and the processes that she
               is going through. In fact, mothers should
               be as excited as daughters about different
               aspects of their lives.
               Don’t be overcritical towards your
               daughter. If she wants to wear black nail
               polish for a while, sobeit.  She will
               probably outgrow it.  If she wants to wear
               black clothes for a while, that’s okay too.
               Get in the habit of saying, “I love you the
               way you are” as often as possible. Whether
               it’s the way your daughter smiles, laughs,
               tells a story, wiggles into your lap, helps
               you with dinner, or whatever.
               Focus as much as possible on the
               particulars of how much you love the way
               ‘she’ does whatever it is. This will
               reinforce your appreciation of her own
               And who knows. It may make her feel so
               good about herself that it will help her
               to develop self-confidence and self-

              ~ Irene


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