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Honouring Your Choices as Much as Possible

Posted on: March 1, 2010

           Each of us is totally unique with particular
           needs, strengths, and perspectives on things.
           It is sometimes difficult for us to remember
           this about ourselves. And sometimes, this
           could make us feel very paralysed and
           unsure of ourselves.
           We all struggle to fit in. And many times,
           we sabotage our choices, values and beliefs
           for those of others. This can really make us
           feel less than adequate and also make others
           take advantage of us since we don’t seem to
           have our own views about things.
           Sometimes we should step outside the expected
           with our friends and peers. Sometimes we should
           assert who we are and what we stand for without
           being worried or fearsome that our friends will
           reject us. It is important for us to be liked by
           others; however, it is even more important that
           we honour who and what we are.
           And our parents should also try and honour our
           choices as much as possible. Unless what we are
           about to do is dangerous to ourselves or to
           others, it is important for parents to bite their
           tongues and check their impulse to respond
           negatively to her pronouncements of individuality.
           Parents should muster the self-discipline to explore
           instead of direct. That way they may learn something
           fascinating about their girls. Parents should notice
           what they are feeling about their daughter’s ideas,
           and they should listen to their internal reactions,
           and then file them away to deal with later.
           Thus, in order for girls to honour their choices,
           their parents should honour their choices first
           and foremost. Kids and teens learn by example.
           Therefore, it is very important for parents to
           instill this kind of self-love and
           self-acceptance in their daughters.
           Are your parents self-accepting?
           ~ Irene


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