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We Should Get Our Priorities Straight

Posted on: March 2, 2010

               It is important for parents to get their
               priorities straight in regard to their
               kids and teens. We want to live lives
               that are full of purpose and passion
               so that we could be models of good
               behaviour to our kids and teens.
               Striking the proper balance so that we
               could spend real time with our daughters,
               instead of making up phrases like “quality
               time” to hide the fact we aren’t around as
               much as we know we should be, is not a
               simple task. Sadly, just how important
               this time is often doesn’t hit us until
               its too late and our children are all
               Something that kids and teens know
               instinctively and something that
               we often forget is that the most
               valuable thing we possess is our
               time. How we spend it is a daily
               statement about our priorities. The
               way we choose to spend our time sends
               a powerful message to our daughters
               about their worth to us, whether
               we intend it or not.
               When we never seem to be able to find
               the time to spend with our daughters,
               no amount of explaining and excusing
               will soften that message. Daughters
               will usually feel neglected and
               possibly even rejected by their
               However, when we carve time out of our
               busy lives just for them, it is irrefutable
               proof of just how precious they are. And that
               is what we need to relay to our daughters.
               That they are the most special and wonderful
               creatures in the world, full of potential and
               wisdom, and a whole life ahead of themselves
               to pursue their life with passion.
               What a great message that is!
               ~ Irene


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