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Mothers must be exemplars of good behavior

Posted on: March 10, 2010

               In order for our girls to have a strong
               sense of self, mothers must have one
               themselves, and they must model it for their
               This isn’t always easy. But I think that
               mothers can go a long way towards instilling
               proper virtues in their daughters just be
               acting in a peaceful and kind manner as
               often as possible.
               Mothers exemplify some of the character
               traits that they really find honourable and
               virtuous. And daughters may imitate their
               mothers if they feel that these character
               traits lead to happiness and tranquillity
               in their lives.
               Because of the way that women are raised
               in our society, modelling a strong sense of
               self may be more difficult than we may
               ordinarily think. Women, in general, suffer
               from low self-esteem. And this is the case for
               mothers as well as daughters.
               Thus, it is essential for mothers to address
               their own self-esteem issues if they hope to
               help to bring up daughters that have a
               powerfully grounded identity. Mothers
               cannot expect their words and
               encouragement to produce great results if
               they are a living and breathing example of
               low self-esteem.
               Mothers have to be living examples of
               healthy self-esteem. They have to practise
               what they preach. Otherwise, they will be
               sending girls mixed messages. And that is a
               really hard way to bring up your daughter.
               For instance, if you smoke two packs a
               day, anything that you say to your daughter
               about not smoking will have very little merit
               because it will be drowned out by your
               negative example.
               In addition, if you have a difficult time to
               stand up for yourself with your husband and
               friends, you won’t be showing your
               daughter how to stand up for herself. She
               will probably not have the courage to stand
               up for herself later on in life either.
               So, it is important for mothers assert
               themselves and to love themselves in order
               for their daughters to follow these healthy

               ~ Irene


3 Responses to "Mothers must be exemplars of good behavior"

I’ve been reading your posts lately, Irene. What a thoughtful blog this is. And you’re so right with your advice. I sometimes forget about some of the issues teenaged girls go through. Thanks for reminding me to be more sensitive towards my daughter. 🙂

I am in agreement with your posts, mothers must show their daughters how to act and how to be. Excellent blog for girls. Thank you for all this information.

Hi Terri!

Thanks so much for visiting. I am trying to get as much information as possible about all of this. God knows that girls need to know all of this. And I hope I end up helping them a lot.

~ Irene

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