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Tune up your Self-Esteem

Posted on: March 11, 2010

               Self-esteem isn’t something that is once and for all-
               -either there or not there. Rather, self-esteem is a
               dynamic and fluctuating condition. One day, you
               may feel great about yourself and are ready to take
               on the world, and another day you may just want to
               crawl back in bed and pull up the covers.
               However, when we are bringing up our daughters,
               it is important for us to regularly monitor
               ourselves and do whatever is necessary to 
               maintain our own strong sense of self-worth, 
               because we can’t expect our daughters to learn 
               from us if we are always wobbling all over 
               the place right in front of their eyes.
               This usually requires that we pay close attention to
               our own fluctuating self-worth, and to those people
               and things that impact us. Create a distance between
               yourself and any so called ‘friends’ who subtly or not
               so subtly undermine your self-esteem with half-
               joking comments like “You usually look good except
               for today”. Try to avoid friends who don’t give you
               consistent positive remarks about yourself.
               Also, watch for situations where you are set up to
               fail, and avoid them. Some people who are supposed
               friends may resent you and want you to look awful
               just to make themselves feel better.
               Lastly, pay attention to how much of what you are
               dong is because you want to and how much is
               because you are manipulated by others to do it.
               Avoid doing things that you don’t want to.  
               You daughter will be trying to imitate all of your
               behaviours over time. Make sure that your actions
               speak loud and clear that self-esteem is important
               and that you won’t allow yourself to be put down by
               Mothers have a huge responsibility when bringing
               up their daughters.  It is so important that they
               help their daughters lead a healthier life by not
               taking and accepting abuse from anyone. But that
               means that mothers shouldn’t take abuse from
               anyone either.
               ~ Irene


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