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The Importance of Living Fearlessly

Posted on: March 15, 2010

               Fear can be both an essential emotion and
               a crippling disease. Without fear, it is
               highly unlikely that we would have made 
               it this far as a species.
               In the incredibly complex world that we
               currently live in today, it is essential
               for you know that you are hardly ever
               in control of everything that you
               hold near and dear.Tragedy unfolds
               every evening on the nightly news,
               and the media convinces convinces us
               that we are surrounded by senseless
               There is poverty and suffering all over
               in the world. Even purely accidental
               occurrences can strike at us from nowhere.
               Planes and automobiles crash, loved ones
               get sick and die. Hurtful things will happen,
               and there is no way for us to protect against
               It is small wonder that most of us are
               paralysed by fear.  It is especially hard to
               be young and female in a culture that wants
               you to cease being yourself and to tap into
               the media’s idea of what is good and
               We cannot expect adolescent girls to have
               the courage to face their own fears and the
               strength of character to rise above them if
               mothers cannot lead the way. Fear will
               always be with us. But we must fight it as
               much as possible.
               Many girls worry that their siblings or
               peers won’t like them unless they conform in
               certain ways. Although we cannot control
               fear, we can make a concerted effort to
               ensure that the fear is not controlling our
               behaviour all the time.
               It is human for mothers to be worried and
               crippled by fear once in a while. However,
               we must also strive to embrace that which
               we truly want in the world so that we could
               show our daughters how to do the same.
               ~ Irene


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