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Celebrating Our Successes

Posted on: March 16, 2010

               When our daughter’s are successful at doing
               something, we tend to just simply not make a
               big deal about it. However, if they do some-
               thing wrong, we are all over our daughters,
               criticizing them and berating them for not
               succeeding or completing a task.
               This is a wrong approach. Mothers must
               always show their daughters how grateful they
               are that their daughters achieved something in
               their lives or completed a task. This will raise
               your daughter’s self-esteem and make her feel
               better about herself.
               In addition, when mothers praise their
               daughters, they will want to excel so that their
               mothers will celebrate their successes. The
               celebration will, very much, propel your
               daughter to do and be the best that she can.
               I know that helped me when I was growing
               up as an adolescent. My Mom always was so
               happy when I accomplished even the most
               simplest things. And she always rewarded me,
               even if the rewards were small. 
               So, when I tried to do something, I always
               tried to succeed so that I could get a reward.
               These rewards became so important to me. And
               what is more, I learned how good it felt to do
               something well and of excelling at things.
               Today, I still give myself small rewards for
               tasks that I complete. And the more I succeed,
               the better I feel.
               Do you reward your daughter for a job well
               done?  If you don’t, maybe you should! It will
               help her to celebrate her successes not only now
               but in the future as well.
               ~ Irene


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