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Learn to Affirm your Body

Posted on: March 23, 2010

                It is alarming to discover that today young
               girls not yet in kindergarten are already
               beginning to say they don’t like their bodies.
               Yes, our culture does a great job of
               bombarding you with unrealistic images of
               female perfection. However, for girls this
               young to develop so distorted a few of their
               own bodies means that very negative
               examples are being perpetrated by the adults
               in their lives who should be bolstering, not
               beating them down.
               One way that you could ensure that you
               keep affirming your body is to make sure
               that you monitor any negative messages that
               you tell yourself about your body and
               appearance. Instead of that, start loving your
               body as it is, not as it would be if you lost
               ten or twenty pounds.
               Your body is the vehicle of your soul, and
               as such, it is a git, no matter what you look
               like. By changing your criticism to
               appreciation and gratitude for what you
               have, you model the attitude of healthy self-
               love that can help other girls that you come
               into contact with.
               So, stand up to all the negative messages
               that you receive from the adults in your life
               and from the media, and know in your heart
               that you are perfect as you can be this very
               minute. You have no warts. You don’t have
               to loose ten pounds to feel better about
               yourself.  You can do that right now by
               looking in the mirror and being proud of
               your wonderful reflection.
               So, today, take the time to celebrate who
               you are.  You will not only be living a
               happier and more content life, but you may
               even be showing other girls how to love
               themselves unconditionally.
               ~ Irene


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