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Practise Being Kind to Yourself

Posted on: March 24, 2010

               Being kind to yourself is an intimate part of
               self-esteem. If you care about yourself enough,
               you will be kind to yourself. And although self-
               care is one aspect of self-esteem, some have
               argued that it is the most important aspect of it.
               One of the most important aspects of being
               kind to yourself is to accept yourself as you are.
               Don’t be overcritical of yourself or bash yourself
               up for not being to look a certain way. Instead,
               fully accept and love yourself as you are.
               Another to be kind to yourself is to something
               nice for yourself each and every day. I talked to
               my niece about this very topic the other day, and
               we had a long discussion about this.  She wasn’t
               able to come up with ways of being nice to
               herself. After talking to her, here is the list
               that we came up with:
               1.  Do something that you enjoy every day.
               That may be a long bath or listening to your
               favourite CD or just hanging out.  But whatever
               it is, make it something that will nourish you.
               2.  Don’t always be busy and hurried. Take
               some time just for yourself every day.  That
               could be a time where you take a long walk or
               just simply sit and read your favourite book.
               3.  Journal about your feelings and
               emotions regardless of whether they are positive
               or negative. And be as honest as possible in your
               4.  Try not to cram in so much into your day
               that you have little time to do anything else.
               Instead, pace your day so that you have some
               free time to do what you enjoy doing.
               Practicing kindness is a way to encourage
               yourself to take extra care of your self. It may
               even help to reinforce self-care in others,
               whether it is siblings or friends.
               Thus, by practising kindness you will be
               positively affecting another person, and that
               positiveness will come back to you many times,
               since people love to be around people who make
               them feel good about themselves.
               ~ Irene


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