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Be a Mentor or Role Model

Posted on: March 25, 2010

               We could all be mentors for one another. This
               is so important since all of us need someone to
               look up to and to remind us that we could be the
               absolute best that we can be.
               You self-image is created from a variety of
               sources, including role models. For most of you,
               your mother was the most important role model
               for you in your life until now. If your mother
               took good care of herself, chances are that you
               would be taking good care of yourself as well.
               However, a lot of times, our mothers don’t
               take care of themselves as well as they should.
               They live in abusive relationships, or they don’t
               take effective care of themselves and we learn
               from them how to act. So, we, in turn, don’t take
               care of ourselves.
               What should you do if you have a mother
               who doesn’t take effective care of herself? Maybe
               you could become a role model to her. I know
               with my own mother I had to do that. My Mom
               worked long hours to clean the house and to
               cook. She wasn’t appreciated for all of her hard
               work. So, when I became a teenager and I started
               working, I used to take my Mom out for lunch
               once a month to show her how much I
               appreciated all of her hard work. After a while,
               this message rubbed off on her and she started
               caring for herself much more. I was so glad to
               help her see that she was a valuable person who
               needed to take care of herself a lot more than she
               Does you Mom take care of herself properly?
               If not, maybe you could be a role model for her
               on self-care.
               ~ Irene


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