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Sharing Our Emotions

Posted on: March 29, 2010

               It is so important for you to be able to share
               your emotions with your mother. Yet in so many
               cases, daughters have a difficult time to express
               and share emotions with their mothers.
               Growing up is a very emotional process. You
               are usually caught up in the powerful riptides of
               emotions in a way that is difficult and often
               impossible to control without talking to your
               mother or another trusted adult about them.
               You may look out at the world and see your
               parents and other adults moving through live
               with effortless ease.  Everything seems to be
               under control and experiences are not buffeted
               by emotions.
               Of course, these appearances aren’t true since
               our mothers and fathers have a lot of emotions
               that they deal with. They just have developed
               ways to cope with them, something that you still
               haven’t done with much success.
               Don’t be ashamed of your emotions. Also, you
               may want to take the time to express some of
               your emotions with your mother. Try and
               develop a close relationship with your mother so
               that both of you can share emotions and you can
               talk to your mother about things that are really
               bothering you.
               So don’t roll with your negative emotions all
               alone. Try and share them with your Mom. It
               may even bring you two closer. And that is
               something that you will really need later on.
               ~ Irene


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