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Making a Loving Public Display

Posted on: April 1, 2010

               It is sometimes difficult for us to display
               our love for our daughters. We tend to tell
               them that we love them in private, when no
               one is around, and we usually whisper our
               messages of love.
               There are times when a daughter has to
               feel loved in public, and we have to be ready
               to give them public displays of love and
               acceptance. Most times, our daughters feel
               out of place as they are growing up. Any
               kind of loving gesture in public can make all
               the difference in the world.
               Sincere, heartfelt compliments and praise
               are great confidence boosters, and all the
               more so when they are publicly proclaimed.
               For instance, when you are sitting at the
               dinner table when friends or family are over
               for a big meal, it may be time to boast about
               what a fabulous job your daughters did on
               her science project or how she got top
               honours at school.
               When a child is singled out in this way
               and is raised up to the crowd for approval, it
               can go a long way toward convincing your
               daughter that she is incredibly and uniquely
               special. And this could work wonders to
               boast her self-esteem and her self-confidence.
               So, next time you get a chance, make a
               public display of affection to others.  Your
               daughter will feel honoured and very much
               Happy Easter Everyone,
               ~ Irene


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