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The Importance of complementing your daughter

Posted on: April 6, 2010

               Our culture is so obsessed with appearances.
               The more you look at it, the funnier it gets.
               The only problem is that when you look beneath
               the shear comic nature of these fads, they
               are damaging to our self-esteem.
               During each fashion season, beauty gets
               redefined. What hasn’t changed for decades now
               is that rail-thinness is in and is what is beautiful.
               This norm is quite unattainable for most normal
               But despite this, most girls still feel that they
               want to be thin in order to be beautiful. So,
               anorexia and bulimia has been on the rise for
               decades now. And this is really alarming and
               But mothers can do something to counteract
               this. Mothers can see the intrinsic beauty of their
               daughters, regardless of their size. It is when
               mothers unfairly criticize their daughters if they
               are a bit chunky that a girl’s self-esteem really
               I know that I was in that boat myself when I
               was a teenager. My Mom always thought I had
               to loose weight. And she always nagged me,
               even if I was five pounds overweight.
               Then when I hit my teens, I became anorexic. I
               wanted so much to measure up to society’s
               standards of beauty and to measure up to my
               Mom’s standards of thinness.
               And that has caused me a lifetime of difficulty
               with my weight. When I moved away from
               home, and on my own, I had to rethink my body
               type and I had to try and be happy with who I
               was.  I took me a decade or more. And I am still
               very insecure with my body.  I do work at it and
               I have come a long way.
               Thus, I am urging that Mom’s complement
               their daughters on their appearance. And do it
               because you love your daughter unconditionally.
               Try to never ask her to loose weight. Just
               complement her on her appearance at all times
               and make her feel great about herself. She will
               then grow up into a mature and self-assertive
               young woman who won’t fall prey to anyone’s
               definition of beauty except her own.
               ~ Irene


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