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Posted on: April 7, 2010

                Much of a daughter’s sense of identity will
               come from the mother. Much of that depends on
               how good a job a mother will do in giving her
               daughter a strong foundation of family and
               ethnic pride.
               It is important for your daughter to have a
               strong sense of where she comes from, both
               personally and as part of an ethnic group.
               Connect her with your words to the places and
               people that have preceded her. Help her to see
               the ways that her heritage, her family history,
               and her cultural background have and can
               impact her life.
               When you give your daughter this kind of
               historical context, she will have a sense of
               roots, a sense that something is solid, an irrefutable
               and indestructible beginning, is holding her up.
               It is very important for you to instill these
               values in your daughter because of the diverse
               society that we live in.
               So many times, your daughter will be made to
               feel ugly, less than or otherwise unacceptable
               because she does not fit the stereotype of middle
               class or some other arbitrary measure of what
               constitutes acceptance. Family and ethnic pride
               helps to counteract those forces that demand our
               girls all look like they came from the same cookie
               Your daughter is unique, and it important for
               her to feel unique and happy to be unique and to
               stand out. That way, you could ensure that your
               daughter won’t become a clone but will make
               her distinct mark in society. The more unique
               your daughter is, and the better she feels about
               being unique, the more self-assertive she will be
               and the happier her adult life will be overall.
               ~ Irene


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