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Media Pressure to Conform

Posted on: April 8, 2010

               Girls are constantly bombarded by the media
               about how they should look in order to be beautiful.
               Many times, girls will feel inadequate because these
               media messages tell them to strive to achieve
               something that very few of them can achieve.
               Is there a way for girls to counteract these negative
               images and interpretations of beauty? Is there a way
               for girls not to continuously try fitting into an
               unrealistic mould that is created by the media? Is
               there a way for you to feel great regardless of what
               you look like?
               Mothers can play a huge role in helping their
               daughters not to succumb to the media’s messages.
               Mothers can do this by constantly telling their
               daughters that they look great just as they are. They
               should also tell their daughters about the perils of
               trying to buy into the media’s messages to constantly
               strive to become thin.
               Mothers must understand that their daughters are
               targets for advertisers. They need to know the truth
               about advertisers and they need to hear it from
               mothers. It is important for mothers to tell their
               daughters the following things about the media.
               1. An advertiser’s sole goal is to make money by
               making you feel adequate. Advertisers usually don’t
               care whether you fit in or whether you are content
               with a particular product.
               2.  Advertisers have rooms full of high paid
               executives who daily plot ways to fool girls into
               believing that they must have this face cream, or that
               pair of jeans because they are somehow inadequate
               without them.
               Unless our daughters understand these truths,
               they will always be at the mercy of the image-makers
               who routinely undermine self-esteem in order to sell
               Mothers can help to stop this from happening and
               most of all, they have to ensure that their daughters
               feel much better about themselves so that they don’t
               fall prey to those images and messages themselves. 
               ~ Irene


2 Responses to "Media Pressure to Conform"


I think it’s very important that you’re doing your bit to spread the word about the sources of poor body image that seem to be afflicting today’s young (particularly young girls).

As a man, I am much less affected by the need to look good, but it still shocks me to experience the bombardment of impossibly beautiful images of women that pervade the online and offline worlds.

And that’s why I created a page called body image on my Self Help Collective web site, to try and do my bit too to break the spell!

So I’ve written as a man, and you’ve shared your experience as a woman/mother. Let’s just hope more people try and do the same in their own way…


Hi Steve,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Please visit this week when I keep talking more about this topic.

Take care,

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