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The week in focus…..

Posted on: April 12, 2010

               This week I will be concentrating on how
               your mother can help to foster self-respect.
               By fostering self-respect and showing your
               that she cares about you, she will be
               honouring your feelings and emotions. And
               this is so important so that you don’t feel as
               insecure and prone to the negative messages
               that are out in society all around you.
               I have observed many difficult
               relationships between mothers and
               daughters in my life. I have had such a
               difficult relationship with my own mother.
               My mother didn’t take the time to listen to
               me or to honour ME.  She was too busy
               caring for all of the external aspects of my
               life such as keeping a clean house, cooking,
               cleaning, washing, ironing and so on. I don’t
               mean to put those things down. But I think
               they shouldn’t replace really, really talking
               and being there for you.
               Currently, there are so many distractions
               on a mother’s time. And if you have siblings,
               things are even more tense and difficult. I
               know all too well how difficult adolescence
               can be for a girl. I still remember those days.
               So, I want you to know that I totally
               empathize with what you are going through
               and I want you to know that you are not
               alone. Most adolescent girls struggle in
               similar ways. And many of our mothers
               seem to be so removed from your world that
               you can hardly talk to each other at all.
               Hopefully this week’s posts will help you
               to connect more with your mother. I have
               written the posts specifically for your
               mothers. So if there is a post that really
               speaks to you, perhaps you should have
               your mother read it with you and then you
               could talk to her about how you feel.
               Have a great week!


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