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Listening Attentively

Posted on: April 13, 2010

               It is so important for mothers to show
               respect by listening attentively to their
               daughters. Mothers can set the pace for
               ensuring that their daughters are respected
               There is nothing as important as a mother
               making the time for her daughter. Good
               listening skills are one of the most important
               prerequisites to caring for our daughters.
               As our daughters grow up and become
               teenagers, it is important for us to hear
               the meaning behind their words. As they
               struggle with both the depth and difficulty
               of language and the much more complicated
               task of trying to translate what they feel
               into words that adequately convey their
               meaning, mothers need to be their receptive
               The teenage years are so hard for our
               daughters. They feel so vulnerable and out
               of control sometimes because of external and
               internal pressures. Sometimes its not what
               they say but what they imply that we have to
               pick up. So, listening involves all the senses.
               It involves all of our attention and
               By giving your daughter this kind of
               attention, she will feel respected and loved
               unconditionally. And this will translate into
               a loving relationship between you and your
               ~ Irene


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