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The Importance of Empathy

Posted on: April 14, 2010

               It is crucially important that we practise
               seeing the world through our daughter’s eyes.
               Teenage girls go through so much raw emotion
               and angst during their adolescent years. She is
               not only developing physically but emotionally.
               She is trying to define her values, yet she doesn’t
               want to hurt you by rejecting all of your beliefs
               and values.
               Our daughters want to be understood for who
               we really are and who we want our daughters to
               become. This seems like such a simple thing, but
               it is so elusive. Yet one of the greatest
               opportunities that mothers have is to provide
               empathic care and regard for our daughters.
               Empathic understanding doesn’t come easily.
               We have to somehow put ourselves in our
               daughter’s place and feel what it would be like
               to be going through what she is going through in
               a particular situation.
               This not makes our daughters feel loved
               unconditionally, but they feel respected. This
               goes a long way towards developing a positive
               relationship between our daughters. But more
               than that, she will be able to share that kind of
               empathic understanding with her peers and
               other siblings too.
               So, all in all, empathic understanding is one of
               the chief ways of understanding your daughter
               and seeing how cluttered and frazzled her
               emotional and physical world really is.
               I remember all too well how hard it was when
               I was an adolescent. The raw emotions and
               frazzled feelings were running so wild within
               me that there were times that I didn’t know what
               my beliefs or values were at all. I am so glad that
               I had a mother who cared enough to spend the
               time to commiserate with me and to try to
               understand what I was going through.
               ~ Irene


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