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Teaching Your Daughter To Think for Herself

Posted on: April 26, 2010

                It is very important for girls to learn how
                to think for themselves. This isn’t always
                easy if we have a mother who won’t let us
                think for ourselves and who insists on
                making important decisions for us.
                Not only can this kind of situation wreck
                havoc with your self-esteem but it can make
                you feel unable to make decisions in the
                future. And when you will be forced to make
                important decisions, you won’t be able to
                make them and you’ll make wrong decisions
                that will really hurt you in the long run.
                One important decision that girls must
                make for themselves is decisions about what
                friends to have. This is a decision that a girl
                must make for herself. Mothers won’t be
                spending time with these kids but their
                daughters will be. So, why not let them
                decide for themselves who they should hang
                around with it?
                If our mothers make decisions for us all the
                time, how will we ever learn how to make
                good decisions? Decision making must be
                learned. We have to learn a lot about
                ourselves before we could make good
                decisions. So, it is important for our mothers
                to let us make those decisions for ourselves.
                So, if today your mother tries to make
                decisions on your behalf, it is time for you to
                gently tell her that you’ll be making your
                own decisions. And it is important for
                mothers to allow their daughters to make
                their own decisions.
                ~ Irene


2 Responses to "Teaching Your Daughter To Think for Herself"

When I was a young girl my mother always taught me to think for myself. We just need to understand that whatever decisions we make me must suffer the consequences.

Hi Kristi,

Its so great when mothers do that! Many mothers don’t always do that. I think that mothers can prepare their daughters for the rest of their lives by just letting them make decisions for themselves.

Thank you so much for visiting. I look forward to your visit in future.

Take care,

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