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Developing Healthy Boundaries

Posted on: April 29, 2010

                It is very important for us to develop
                healthy boundaries. A boundary is an
                invisible line that you set that you don’t
                want others to cross. Your boundaries are
                defined by your personal limits, values, and
                life experiences.
                For instance, if you’re in a situation that
                makes you feel uncomfortable or if someone
                does something to you that you don’t like,
                your line has been crossed. The boundaries
                you set can affect how a person talks to you,
                how someone treats you, and how someone
                might touch you.
                Thus, it is crucially that you develop
                healthy boundaries for yourself and to assert
                them with your friends, peers, and siblings.
                Sometimes, it may even be necessary to
                assert your boundaries with your mother.
                Although our mothers want only the best for
                us, it is important for us to realize that we
                must respectfully assert our boundaries with
                her as well.
                Boundaries aren’t walls that close you in or
                keep people out. They are more like a clear
                protective bubble you create around
                yourself. Actually, boundaries are about
                letting people in, but only so far as you feel
                comfortable. Setting and honoring
                boundaries builds respect in your
                relationships, and this will be important for
                the rest of your life.
                So, when in doubt, speak up and maintain
                your boundaries. Don’t let your friends and
                peers or siblings walk all over you. This will
                also preserve your self-esteem over time.
                ~ Irene


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