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Presents are no Substitute for Presence

Posted on: May 3, 2010

               Most families have two breadwinners now.
               And so it isn’t uncommon for both parents to be
               working full-time. During such times, parents
               may feel so guilty about their lack of time with
               the children that they attempt to compensate by
               providing the children with los of material stuff.
               This is a natural reaction for some parents
               who have to work long hours. Kids love this
               because we live in a consumer culture in which
               they are encouraged to get more and more stuff.
               But is this what they really need? Can stuff make
               up for the lost time spent with your kids?
               When we buy a lot of stuff for our children we
               are sending a very damaging message.  We are
               telling our kids that love is interchangeable with,
               and therefore can be bought, sold and traded for
               ‘stuff’. When that’s the message being sent, then
               suddenly your daughter’s self-esteem becomes
               reduced to how much stuff she has and how
               good it is.  This is a formula that can only lead to
               We live in a world that, for all appearances,
               values ‘stuff’ more than anything else.  It is
               essential that in our attempts to transmit to our
               daughters the things we truly value that we let
               them know how absolutely and completely
               wrong that message is.
               If you ever find yourself searching for that
               perfect purchase to make up for your busy
               schedule, stop yourself immediately. The time
               you spend shopping would be much better spent
               with your daughters as a way of spending time
               together. The message is way too mixed, and it is
               too easy to slide over into the ugly quagmire of
               love equals stuff, which it doesn’t.
               ~ Irene


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