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Teaching a Healthy Respect for Things

Posted on: May 4, 2010

               Mothers should strive to teach their daughters
               a healthy respect for things we need and use in
               our lives. By understanding what kinds of things
               are important and useful and treating them
               appropriately, we can inoculate our daughters
               against the insidious cultural addiction to
               accumulating things and clinging to them as if
               objects were truly a substitute for human
               Rather than getting your daughter a new toy to
               replace a broken one, try to fix it, or make an
               attempt to find a new use for it. If a preschooler
               breaks something purposely, don’t leap to repair
               the harm right away. When she realizes the
               consequences of her actions, that she has to live
               with the torn book or the broken toy, she’ll have
               learned an important lesson.
               To discourage our daughters to have a
               preoccupation with material objects, we should
               model that attitude for our daughters. We should
               reign in our own itch to consume for the sake of
               consumption.  We should treat the things we own
               with pride and care, teaching our daughter to
               respect things in our home that have a special
               meaning for us.
               We must show that sometimes things have a
               sentimental value and not merely a monetary
               value. Use certain objects only during special
               occasions. For instance, tell your daughter the
               story behind objects so that she could come to
               better appreciate the objects. In this way, you’ll be
               teaching your daughter the sentimental value
               behind the object.


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