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Make Growing Up Fun

Posted on: May 10, 2010

               Many of us are SO serious with our daughters.
               But they are young and they need to laugh and
               have fun.
               Therefore, in order not to be ignored by our
               daughters, we must join in their enthusiasm and
               happiness. We must act young like so that we can
               most effectively get along with them.
               Growing up can be hard work. It certainly will be
               filled with lots of mistakes, embarrassing occurr-
               ences and downright mortifying moments. It will also
               try our patience, fray our nerves, and test our wits.
               One of the best tools to handle all this and come
               back strong is a willingness to take it in stride
               and laugh about it. By enfolding our daughters in
               a household that is always ready to laugh and have
               fun, we give them both the tools and the practice
               for building a strong resilient sense of self.
               We can also help our daughters moodiness by
               making the things they are not too thrilled about
               much more fun. If they are enjoying themselves,
               they’ll forget about their past experiences, fears or
               preconceived notions about the task at hand. They
               also won’t be so wrapped up in performance, which
               is a GREAT thing too.
               Humour can also help to diffuse a stressful
               situation and enhance learning. When our daughter is
               upset and frustrated, she has a hard time seeing past
               the immediate problem to realize it’s not the end of
               the world. Seeing the lighter side of things can bring
               around a new perspective to any problem.
               Being playful is essential to our daughter’s well-
               being and successful development. A child who is
               imaginative, with lots of playtime as well as good
               relationships with playmates, is a happier and more
               satisfied child.


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