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Encourage Your Daughter to Journal

Posted on: May 11, 2010

               Adolescence is a difficult time for our
               daughters. It may sometimes be difficult for
               your daughter to talk about her feelings and
               emotions when they are so raw.
               One of the best ways for our daughter’s to
               get through life’s emotion upheavals is to
               keep a journal. Mothers could take the time
               to journal themselves so that they could
               show their daughters the benefits of
               journalling. This could be a modelling
               moment for you.  It could also be a moment
               that will bring you much closer to each other.
               There are few better ways to begin to
               teach our daughters to see and understand
               the patterns in their lives than to encourage
               them to encourage them to keep a written
               record of what is important to them as they
               are growing up. This can reveal so many
               things about our daughters that they could
               use for the rest of their lives.
               When we encourage our daughter’s to
               journal about her likes and dislikes, we are
               asking her to chronicle her life. This will
               make her feel important and unique, which
               is very important as she is going through her
               adolescent years. It could also help her to
               build self-esteem. 
               ~ Irene


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