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Providing Your Daughter With a Moral Foundation

Posted on: May 12, 2010

               An important part of raising an adolescent
               daughter is to help her to steer away from
               socially unacceptable behaviour and to teach
               her how to get along with others.
               When we teach our daughter a moral
               framework, we are helping her to see that
               there are reasons behind the rules of
               common behaviour that should be followed.
               Without this kind of framework, the
               exchange is experienced by our children as
               By taking the time to explain the reasons
               behind the rules in ways that are appropriate
               and understandable to our daughters, we not
               only honour our daughters with the
               assumption that they are capable of
               understanding and acting accordingly, but
               we make it possible for them to see that this
               is not just a reprimand. Rather, we are trying
               to help our daughters by giving them
               valuable information.
               When we use rules and reprimands
               without well-articulated reasons, we appear
               to exercise brute authority, and this is no
               way to develop a loving and respectful
               relationship with our daughters.  That type
               of message not only does nothing to help
               children understand the moral underpinning
               of your judgments, but it also undermines
               their own sense of power and responsibility.
                ~ Irene


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