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A Foundation of Faith

Posted on: May 13, 2010

               Having a faith, whatever it may be, and
               sharing that faith with our daughters is an
               important way for them to feel connected,
               resilient, and help them find real meaning in
               their lives. All of this adds up to gaining
               positive self-esteem.
               When we examine the world that our girls
               inhabit every day, it is easy to believe that
               the big questions have very little to do with
               their daily routines. But this is not true. In
               some ways, because they understand so little
               and are at the mercy of so much, they are
               even more at the mercy of fear and anxiety
               about the unknown.
               A framework of faith can help to order
               and explain what seems random and
               frightening. It can free girls, give them a
               frame on which to hang their versions of the
               way the world works, and eliminate much
               anxiety from their lives. A solid foundation
               of faith can also help them to be less self-
               centered and can provide them to be more
               caring and helpful to others.
               In sum, it is important for mothers to stay
               true to the values behind their traditions and
               to make it clear to her what those values are.
               Then chances are that the values will remain,
               no matter what religious direction your
               daughter ultimately pursues. This is also
               teaching her how to live with integrity. 
                ~ Irene


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