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Sticking Up For Yourself

Posted on: May 17, 2010

           Over the next few weeks, I will be talking about how
           you can get and use your personal power. In between
           times, I will also be talking about the importance of
           journalling through your feelings so that you get to
           what stops you from gaining your personal power.
           Many kids have a difficult time to develop their
           personal power. It may even be best to form a
           friendship with someone that is on a similar mission as
           you are. That way, you will help each to build personal
           power.  What a wonderful way to build a friendship.
           And many times, such friendships could last a lifetime.
           I’m sure all of you are aware that your friends are
           supposed to help you feel better about yourself. But
           what this doesn’t happen? Do you have a basis for a
           friendship?  That is a very complex question that only
           you can answer for yourself. Of course, psychologists
           will probably say that you shouldn’t be with a friend
           that always tears you down and that you have to
           constantly stick up to in order to keep your own.  But
           this presupposes that we live in an ideal world.
           Most of you live in a less than ideal world with the
           rest of us. So, what can you do to support yourself and
           your self-esteem from being totally bruised?  There are
           at least four things that you can do to maintain your
           personal power with friends.  These are as follows:
           1.  Being responsible for yourself.
           2.  Make healthy choices for you.
           3.  Get to know yourself (through journalling).
           4.  Get and use power in your relationships and in
           your life.
           I will spend a day’s reflection on each of these over
           this week. Next week, I’ll be focussing on how we 
          could  journal in order to help develop our self-esteem.

           ~ Irene


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