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Step One for Sticking Up For Yourself/Being Responsible

Posted on: May 18, 2010

               Each of you are responsible for the kind of
               person you are and how you live your life.
               However, being responsible can be
               misunderstood for many different things.
               In this reflection, I will try to clearly
               describe what I mean.
               A lot of kids confuse ‘being responsible’ with
               ‘being in charge’ or ‘being the boss’ of other
               people and things. Being responsible should not
               be confused with being bossy or in charge. Being
               responsible for yourself is something very
               When you’re responsible, you are responsible
               only for your own behavior and your own
               feelings. Sometimes other kids will say things
               that you don’t like. You may get frustrated or
               angry. Then we try to do something to get back
               at them. And we think that we do is their fault.
               But is this really the case?
               When we are responsible, we make sure that
               we are responsible for our own behaviour
               ONLY. No one can MAKE you feel a particular
               way. Also, you DON’T make anyone feel a
               certain way.  Each of us is responsible for
               his/her own feelings, regardless of what
               someone says or does. We each have to work
               with our OWN feeling.
               Being responsible usually makes good things
               happen at school and home. The more
               responsible you are, the more people trust you,
               and the more freedom and privileges we will get
               without even trying.
               The main reason for being responsible is because
               it’s the best think to do for you. Being
               responsible helps you feel secure and confident
               inside yourself. It gives you a feeling of
               personal power.
               What a great way to go through adolescence 
               knowing that you have to power to feel all of
               your feelings and not be a pawn that can be
               manipulated by other.
               ~ To your personal power!
               ~ Irene


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