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Step Two For Sticking Up for Yourself/Making Healthy Choices

Posted on: May 19, 2010

               Because you are responsible for your own
               behaviour and feelings, you can make choices
               about them. You can choose how you will act in
               any given situation. You can choose, for instance,
               not to grab someone’s video game controller or
               break a toy or disobey your parents.
               Many times, your actions are tied to your
               feelings. Yo may hit someone because you feel
               angry. You may yell at someone else because you
               feel frustrated. Yo may cry because you feel sad.
               The important thing to remember when you
               are developing your personal power is that you
               could choose how angry, frustrated, or sad you
               feel. You can even choose to have different, more
               positive and productive feelings towards certain
               situations and certain kids.
               You can choose how to handle what life
               hands to you. You can choose how you will face
               life’s problems. And even you, as an adolescent,
               will face different problems as you get older. So,
               you will want to be prepared.
               One important part of learning to make
               choices is to learn to make good choices. This
               starts with trying to predict what we expect will
               happen because of our choice, then deciding if
               our expectations are realistic.
               In other words, what we do want to happen
               because of our choice is in the palm of our hands.
               If the chances that something is going is happen
               are good, your choice is realistic. However, if the
               chances are terrible, your choice is not realistic.
               In sum, when you take personal power, you
               will do your personal best at the things that you
               believe are important to you. This means liking
               yourself even if your best isn’t THE BEST. It’s
               okay to make mistake or not to be your best at
               everything. After all, to learn how to make
               healthy choices you don’t have to be perfect.
               You still can and will make mistakes from time
               to time. Nobody’s perfect!  So, don’t beat
               yourself up for making mistakes.  Just keep
               working towards making healthy decisions.

               ~ Irene


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