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Step Three: Getting to Know Yourself

Posted on: May 20, 2010

           Getting to know yourself is quite a difficult and complex
           thing to do. It is a journey and a process that takes
           a lot of time to complete.
           Many say, that getting to know yourself is a lifelong
           endeavour. But you must start getting to know yourself
           in order for you to be the best that you can be in
           your life.
           This is such an important topic that I will spend the
           next month or so talking about it on this website.
           I invite you readers to explore your feelings
           and emotions as much as possible. Start on this
           process and make it so much fun that you’ll continue
           to dwell into your feelings and emotions for
           the rest of your life.
           A good place to start is to name and claim your
           feelings. After all, this process is a way for
           you go gain power over yourself and your feelings.
           And that is the best way to stick up for yourself.
           When people notice that you know yourself that
           intimately and act on your feelings and emotions,
           you won’t be a target as often.
           Tomorrow, I’ll talk about how we can start naming our
           emotions and feelings. This is a process that will
           take a lot of time. But it is worth the time and
           effort. In the meantime, go out and get yourself a
           nice new journal.  Look for the nicest one that you
           could find and make sure that you like everything
           about it the feel of it, the colour, the pages that
           you will write on, and so on.
           I’m SO looking forward to helping you on this road
           to self-discovery.  How exciting!
           ~ Have a GREAT weekend and have fun looking for
           your favourite journal!
           ~ Irene


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