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Shared Journaling

Posted on: May 24, 2010

               A Powerful Quality Time 
               Activity for Parents and Kids
               Becoming self-aware and sharing our discoveries
               about ourselves is a skill that takes practice.  It is
               also an essential skill to building and
               strengthening one’s sense of self-esteem.  Parents
               are the perfect helpers to assist their daughters
               and sons in mastering this vital life skill, and
               journaling is a perfect and powerful activity to
               help children become more self-aware and
               Shortly I will outline a journaling activity based
               on my award-winning Journal Buddies books
               which is an incredibly effective tool to help kids
                 with their parent’s assistance and guidance 
               become comfortable celebrating their amazing
               Most exciting of all is that this quality time
               journaling activity for parents and kids facilitates
               self-awareness and build self-esteem in the
               process. Plus it’s wildly fun too!
               Benefits to the Self Esteem Journaling Method
               Before I outline this exciting, new journaling
               activity, let us first explore some of the exciting
               benefits to journaling for greater self-esteem.
               When practicing this new journaling method you
               and your precious child will experience the
               following (I call these benefits the three C’s):
               Connect   This journaling method is about
               interacting and connecting on a deep,
               meaningful level so that the journal keeping
               activity becomes an adventure filled with fun,
               excitement and discovery for both the parent and
               the child.
               Communicate   This is shared journaling so it
               gets   and keeps   parents and kids interacting
               and communicating in a healthy, positive and
               enjoyable manner.
               Celebrate   Everyone loves, on some level, to be
               told how amazing they are and what is loved
               about them!  Each and every journal entry with
               this journaling activity is all about identifying,
               sharing and celebrating the “stuff” the journal
               keepers love about each other.
               So what is This Journaling Activity That’s
               Guaranteed to Help Parents Help Their Kids to
               Improve Their Self-Esteem?
               Well… drum roll please!!!  
               It’s journal writing mixed with creative
               expression that is co-created and shared with
               loved ones.  Wow  That’s a mouthful!  But this
               journaling activity is easier and more enjoyable
               that you might think.  Keep reading to learn
               more about this exciting parent child activity.
               With this innovative approach to journaling, kids
               and parents are encouraged to work together as a
               team and to write, draw, cut, paste, and create in
               their own unique journaling styles.  Most notably
               the journal is not kept secret.  Rather it is shared
               openly and lovingly and becomes a powerful
               tool of communication that facilitates a deep and
               meaningful connection with your child. 
               So are you ready to learn exactly how this
               exciting journaling method works?
               ~ Joel Schoenberg
               Jill Schoenberg is the author of the award
                  winning books:
               Journal Buddies: A Girl’s Journal for
                 Sharing and Celebrating

               Magnificence and Journal Buddies:
               A Boys Journal for Discovering and
                  Sharing Excellence.
               Please visit for
                 more information about Jill
               and her books.


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