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Shared Parent-Child Journalling Activity Tips

Posted on: May 26, 2010

               Shared Parent/Child Journaling Activity Tips
               Joel Schoenberg
               To help increase the effectiveness of your quality
               journaling time with your child, I offer you the
               following easy-to-follow tips:         
               Tip #1 Parents can discover amazing things about
               their kids by sincerely asking and, this is
               key, actively listening to what their child
               has to say.
               I ask parents, however, to be aware and to
               understand that when a child is asked what he
               or she thinks, believes and feels it often takes
               some time for them to become comfortable exerting
               their true and honest opinion.  As a parent,
               simply be aware that your child’s tendency will
               be to tell you what she thinks you want to hear.
               Cultivate a cooperative relationship and soon
               your child will be telling you what she truly
               Tip #2 Go beyond skin-deep compliments 
               Get to the heart and the soul of what it is that
               you love about your child.  Get to the beautiful
               essence that makes your child so wonderful from
               the inside out. As we all know, what lives inside
               of us is what matters most!
               I suggest also that parents give their child some
               time to answer questions and to do their best not
               to lead them along in giving the “right” answers,
               rather gently encourage honest and open
               answers from your child.
               Tip #3 Do your best to listen to your child
               without judgment
               Learn how to acknowledge and validate your
               child’s answers, whether you agree with them or
               not. This will develop your child’s true voice
               and facilitate authentic communication. 
               By the way, empowered communication occurs 
              when there is both speaking and listening. This 
               type of commuication is an effective tool parents
               can use to help their kids feel masterful,
               confident, and skilled when expressing them-
               selves. And authentic self-expression using
               empowered commuciation strengthens a child’s
               self-esteem and self-confidence!
               Journal keeping is a wonderful tool to gain
               greater self-awareness, and the better one knows
               oneself the greater are their chances of success
               and happiness. The process of self-discovery
               through journaling can be an exhilarating one
               once we are comfortable looking at ourselves
               and honestly embracing and sharing our dis-
               coveries with our loved ones.  To achieve this,
               I suggest you use this journaling method with
               your child and create a minimum of 21 unique
               journal entries. 
               If you complete at least 21 journal entries I know
               that you will be amazed at the increased sense of
               self-confidence and self-esteem you’ll observe in
               your child. 
               Oh and as an added benefit, upon completion
               your shared journal becomes a cherished
               keepsake   a treasure chest full of super great
               things that you and your child love about each
               other that you both can reflect upon time and
               again for years to come.  How exciting and
               precious is that!
               Here’s to spending quality time with your child.
              ~  Happy journaling!
               Jill Schoenberg is the author of the award
               winning books
               Journal Buddies: A Girl’s Journal for Sharing and
               Celebrating Magnificence and Journal Buddies:
               A Boys Journal for Discovering and Sharing
               Please visit for more
               information about Jill and her books.


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love the blog and this post on journaling is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

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