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25 Creative Journalling Ideas

Posted on: May 28, 2010

               25 Creative Journaling Ideas
               By Jill Schoenberg
               Below is a list of 25 creative ways to make your
               journal keeping more enjoyable, personal,
               creative & fun.
               1.  Summarize your day in less than 20 words.
               2.  Write one word across the journal page that
               best describes your day.
               3.  Write out the lyrics to your favorite song or
               print them out and paste them into your journal.
               4.  Draw a picture.
               5.  Write a poem.
               6.  Break writing and grammar rules and journal
               in your own unique style.
               7.  Print out a transcript of an Instant Message
               chat that you had with your friend or your
               parent and paste it into your journal.
               8.  Compose a song.
               9.  Write in your journal with markers, colored
               pencils or even crayons!
               10.  Cut and paste your favorite pictures from
               magazines into your journal.
               11. Paste craft items into your journal (check
               with your Mom, Aunts, or Teachers for spare
               12.  Brighten your journal with paint.
               13.  Paste stickers in your journal.
               14.  Include quotations by your favorite famous
               person, or by anyone else.  You can find quotes
               online or in books from the library.
               15.  Record important occurrences in history.
               16.  Draw a cartoon.
               17.  Record important news from the day.
               18.  Determine how many days are left until your
               13th birthday or your 16th birthday or your 18th,
               21st, 33rd, 47th, 53rd, or 111th birthday!
               19.  Interview a family member and record the
               interview in your journal.
               20. Interview a friend and record the interview in
               your journal.
               21.  Write 3 things that you are thankful for.
               22.  Write 3 things that really bug you.
               23.  Invent a new, cool saying and record in your
               journal how and when you used it.
               24.  Invent an animal that no one except you has
               ever seen.
               25.  Draw a picture of an animal that no one
               except you has ever thought of.
               ~ Joel Schoenberg
               Jill Schoenberg is the author of the award
               winning books
               Journal Buddies: A Girl’s Journal for Sharing and
               Celebrating Magnificence and Journal Buddies:
               A Boys Journal for Discovering and Sharing
               Please visit for more
               information about Jill and her books.


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