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Don’t criticize Your Body

Posted on: June 11, 2010

           Your body is a unique gift to you. Your body is
           unique and you are a wonderfully beautiful person,
           just as you are. Yet, many girls spend their
           adolescence criticizing their bodies.
           Girls can never feel slim enough, beautiful enough,
           smart enough, popular enough, or assertive enough.
           They always feel like they are lacking something very
           fundamental. If only girls could be happy with who
           they are and what they stand for!
           When girls continuously criticize their bodies, their
           self-esteem becomes porous and vulnerable. In other
           words, if a girl continuously criticizes herself, she
           starts disliking herself and she starts feeling as if
           she isn’t worthy of being lovable and accepted
           by others.
           Therefore, in order to save your self-esteem from
           destruction, it is important for you to not criticize
           your body. Instead, when you look into the mirror,
           praise yourself for the wonderful person that you are
           and know in your heart that you are wonderful just as
           you are warts and all.
           Try not criticize yourself. Get into the habit of
           praising yourself instead. If in doubt, don’t criticize.
           if you feel that you have physical weaknesses, just
           realize that every girl does, regardless of how
           beautiful she is in OUR eyes.
           So, the next time you pass a mirror smile at yourself
           and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!
           ~ Irene


2 Responses to "Don’t criticize Your Body"

Your self talk is what makes you who you are. Always always always remember that, and keep it positive. click my link (above) for a free tool to build self esteem.
Thanks for posting this important message Irene!

Hi Robert,

You are so right about self-talk. The problem is that many adolescents talk negatively to themselves, and this can create a lot of self-esteem problems. I would love you to guest blog on my blog about that. I would be glad to reciprociate as well.


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