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Activities for Kids in the Summer

Posted on: June 14, 2010

               Jill’s ideas in her June 9th blog at
      all excellent, given
               the fact that kids will be out of school pretty
               soon for the summer. Ponder her words of wisdom
               Activities for Kids in the Summer
               Family Fun
               By Jill Schoenberg
               School is out!!! Summer is here and our attention
               has shifted from academics to play. Many parents
               are faced with the summertime challenge of how
               to keep their kids busy and how to ensure that
               their children stay out of trouble. Keeping
               children focused and occupied is the best solution
               to this problem, and summer activities are key.

               Creating a shared journal with your child is a
               fabulous summer time activity. You can make
               this activity extra-special by focusing on the
               specific qualities, traits and talents that set
               your child apart and on celebrating her uniqueness.
               You know   that stuff about your child that
               adds flair to your family.

               A specific journaling idea is to list out at least
               three things you love about your kid. Keep in
               mind that you are celebrating the inside stuff that
               makes your child so unique. So for example,
               you”d want to tell her how talented she is at
               drawing or painting, or how impressed you are by
               her ability to meet new people.

               Once you”ve listed out three items you admire
               about your child the next step is for her to list
               out three items that she admires about you. The
               giving and receiving aspect of this journal
               keeping idea is what makes it such a powerful
               self-esteem building activity for kids and parents

               The point of this journaling activity is to be a
               mirror for each other. Because if your child can
               find lots of really great stuff about another then
               she can certainly find lots of really great stuff
               about herself. This means that she has a strong
               sense of self-worth and, in turn, healthy self-

               You might include grandparents, friends and
               neighbors in this journal keeping activity. Oh,
               and get creative by using colored pencils, markers,
               crayons, stickers, spangles or other art supplies.
               Draw pictures, write a poem or write a single
               word across the page. There are endless ways to
               jazz up a journal and to turn it into a treasured

               More Summer Activities for Kids

                    ·  Recovering from Burn Out   

                    Teach your child that after working hard and
                    achieving goals (such as graduating to the
                    next grade), it is wise to take some time to
                    relax, rest and recuperate.

                    · New Experiences   

                    Sampling a variety of new activities
                    will expand your child’s horizons
                    and bolster his self-esteem.
                    · Family Fun   

                    Another great summeractivity for children
                    is to spend family time together
                    based on common interests.

                    ·  Enjoyable Activities   

                    Encourage your kids to participate
                    in some activities just for the pure
                    fun of it. Oh, and be certain that
                    there are no goals or outcomes to achieve
                    and that there is no competition.

               Summer is an excellent time for kids to relax,
               experience themselves in new ways and enjoy being
               a valued member of their family. My wish for you
               is that as a family you learn new things, grow
               together, share, laugh, and love, and, above all,
               make this the best summer ever.
               Jill Schoenberg

               In sum, summer is a great time for parents to get
               together with their kids and to do a whole bunch of
               things that will help their kids grow and help
               families to get along together much more. Try some
               of Jill’s fun activities and let her know how you
               enjoy the activities and your summer.
               Have a great summer!
               For More Information on Jill Schoenberg and more
               fun activities for kids, see


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