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Be a Free Spirit!

Posted on: June 14, 2010

               In order to feel good about yourself,
               you must develop a free spirit. To develop
               a free spirit doesn’t necessarily mean that
               you will allow yourself to do exactly what
               you want to when you want to do it.
               Instead, it means that you will should do
               things that are in line with your beliefs
               and values.
               Many times, you do things merely to
               please others. This can be because you
               want to belong or because you just want
               people to accept and love you. But you are
               only fooling yourself and your inner being
               by doing that. You should try and raise
               above the needs and wants of others and
               assert yourselves.
               To do this, you have to develop the
               courage to pursue what you believe in. This
               could mean not putting up with another
               person’s abuse. It could also mean
               asserting yourself when you have to so
               that another kid will know where you are
               coming from. But, most importantly, it
               means that you should strive to develop
               boundaries for yourself so that you don’t
               get sucked into another kid’s psychic mire.
                 It is important for all of us to raise
               above the fray of self-subsumption. Don’t
               allow yourselves to be subsumed in another
               person’s identity. Instead, stick up for
               yourself. And once you stick up for
               yourself, tell everyone what it is that you
               want and deserve.
               ~ Irene


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