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Practise Loving Yourself Unconditionally

Posted on: June 19, 2010

           In order for your peers to treat you in a loving
           manner, you have to treat yourself in a loving way.
           One way that you could do this is by acting as if you
           love yourself unconditionally.  If you love yourself,
           it will show through your actions and if you keep
           asserting these values, sooner or later your peers
           will get it.
           There are many reasons for this.  Each of us has a
           code while we act. Through our actions, behaviours,
           and body language, we show others quite clearly how 
           we feel about ourselves. For instance, if we are hard
           on ourselves, talk negatively about ourselves, and
           don’t care about ourselves, our peers will know that 
           we don’t care about ourselves either and, therefore,
           they may be mean to us as well.
           Here are a few ways you could ensure that you love
           yourself unconditionally.
           1.  Don’t criticize yourself in front of others.
               That gives other kids the wrong message.
           2.  Don’t allow others to be mean to you because
               this tells others that you don’t really respect
               yourself very much.
           3.  Practise self-care, such as giving yourself five
               minutes alone every once in a while. Or, go
               out for a walk all alone. Your peers will be
               impressed by those kinds of behaviours.
           4.  Never criticize your character traits or act as
               if you hate yourself in front of your peers.
               This will definitely give your peers the wrong
               idea about you.
           Instead, walk with you head up high, smile, and be kind
           to others. This will show that you like yourself enough
           to do just that.


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