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Rise Above Mediocrity

Posted on: June 21, 2010

           There is nothing more devastating to your self-esteem
           than to feel that you are mediocre. Mediocre 
          adolescents just do what they have to.
           It is important for you to rise above such a stifling
           and low mentality. You must try to do and be your best
           as much as possible. Yo have to remember that you are
           great and that God doesn’t create losers.
           So, in order to feel better about yourself and excel,
           do something that shows others that you are going to
           raise above mediocrity today. Do something that makes
           you feel special. There is nothing more mundane and
           boring than doing something that someone else did. You
           want to excel and to do your best.
           Some actions take us beyond mediocrity. These are as
           1.  Be compassionate towards another person, even if
           there is no reward.
           2.  Do something extra nice for someone else, without
           asking for a reward or compensation.
           3.  Excel at something that you are about to do.
           4.  Genuinely smile at another person that you walk
           past today. You will be cheering them up and you will
           feel good as a result as well.
           So, try to do things that will make you feel good about
           yourself. In the process, you will be helping others feel
           good too. And how wonderful is that?


2 Responses to "Rise Above Mediocrity"

Beautifully put — I agree, to raise your self-esteem you must do esteemable acts!
Might I suggest you do one for yourself and remove the “just another” subtitle on your blog — it’s a subtle putdown, isn’t it? Why not call it “The greatest…!” Your posts are providing tremendous value — I sure wish we had blogging like this when I was in HS.

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you SO much for reply. I am SO happy that you enjoy my blog. I sure hope that I could help even a few girls to feel better about themselves.

I will try to change the basic settings on my blog…..Thank you so much for pointing that out.

I just looked at your blog. How wonderful! I will leave a comment. Perhaps you could be a guest blogger for me in the future.

Take care,

PS. Please visit my blog again!

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