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Loving Yourselves Unconditionally

Posted on: June 24, 2010

           Many of you tend to like yourselves only if others
           like you. But that is to place unfair conditions
           on your love for yourself.
           Ideally, you should strive to love yourself
           regardless of whether other kids like you. You
           should know in your heart that you are a special
           person who deserves all the love and respect that
           you could muster up. And you don’t need others to
           love you either for you to love yourself.
           All you need to know is that you are a special
           human being and that you are lovable just as you are.
           Loving yourself unconditionally means loving yourself
           even if you make a lot of mistakes, or if you have
           very few peers or friends who agree with your
           beliefs and values.
           Loving yourself unconditionally means that you will
           accept yourself, even if you are ten pounds heavier
           than most of the other girls in your class. It means
           that a number on a scale won’t affect your self-
           esteem or how you feel about yourself.
           Loving yourself unconditionally means that you
           won’t compare yourself with others. It means that
           you will know in your heart that you are just as
           good as everyone else and that comparisons aren’t
           necessary to make you feel better.     
           In fact, comparisons are the enemy of self-
           esteem and self-assertion. When you compare
           yourself, you always feel that the grass is greener
           on the other side of the fence. But that isn’t true
           in reality. You must know that you are GREAT JUST
           AS YOU ARE and the fact that you don’t measure up
           to others is a GREAT thing. It means that you are a
           UNIQUE BEING.

            ~ Irene


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