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Talking to your Mom

Posted on: June 25, 2010

           Talking to your Mom
           By Margo L. Dill
           Guest Blogger
           Sometimes, its hard to talk to your mom about a
           problem you may be having, whether it’s a question
           you have about your body, a fight with your best
           friend, or difficulties at school in a certain class.
           If you really want to talk to your mom to get some
           advice or just to share what you’re feeling, here are
           some tips for starting the conversation:
                    Leave your mom a note in the morning or
                evening, and tell her there’s something you
                need to talk about. You can even give her a
                few of the details if it’s easier for you to
                write them down than to talk about them.
                That way, she can come to you and say,
                “Honey, why don’t we talk about this argument
                you’re having.”
                    Pick a time when you mom isn’t busy. This
                may be hard to do, especially if you come from
                a big family. But the worse time to talk to her
                about something that’s bother you is when
                she’s trying to cook or clean or help with
                homework. Maybe approach her after dinner
                or before you go to bed, when the house has
                quieted down a bit.
                    Explain to your mom what you want out of the
                conversation. If you want advice, you can say
                something like, “Mom, this guy at school is
                really bothering me. I am wondering what to
                do about it.” If you just want someone to
                listen, then you can say something like, “I have
                this problem, and I don’t really need advice. I
                just need someone to talk to.” That way, she’ll
                know whether or not to offer you suggestions
                to solve your problem or if you just need an
                understanding ear.
           Talking to parents isn’t always easy, but
           remember-your mom loves you, and she was a
           teenage once, too. She’s dealt with a changing body,
           crushes, and girls who aren’t always so nice to each
           other. Besides, sometimes what you really need is a
           big hug and moms are especially great at those.
           Margo L. Dill runs a blog about women and girls
           around the world as well as reviewing books for
           children and teens.  Visit her blog to learn more 


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