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Know Your Values

Posted on: June 29, 2010

           It is very important for you to know your values and to
           use them in your daily actions. Without that, you will
           be conforming to everyone else’s idea of what is right
           and appropriate.
           In order to assert yourself, you need to let others know
           where you stand and what you really want to do. This 
           won’t be possible unless you are really in a position
           of acting in accordance to your own values.
           If you aren’t aware of your values, you should try to
           determine what your values are. You may do this by
           wrting down what you believe are your character traits
           and personality. For instance, am I kind,
           Then, list of all of your beliefs about these
           character traits. This list will list your values.
           Here is an example. Say, you have the following list
           of character traits.
           1.  Kind
           2.  Generous
           3.  Compassionate
           4.  Helping the unfortunate.
           Then list all of your beliefs about your
              character traits.
           1.  I believe it is important to be kind.
           2.  I believe it is important to be generous.
            3.  I believe it is important to be compassionate.
            4.  I believe it is important to help the unfortunate.
           From this list, you can conclude that you are kind, com-
           passionate, and helpful. These are your values and you
           should frequently act on them in order to be assertive.


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