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Choose Your Friends Wisely

Posted on: July 1, 2010

             When you treat yourself with love and respect, you
             choose your friends very carefully. For instance,
             you don’t allow your friends to be abusive towards
             you. Nor do you allow your friends to put you
             down or to manipulate you in any way.
             However, when you don’t have a sufficient amount
             of self-love and self-respect for yourselves, you
             tend to put up with a lot of abusive behaviour. This
             can damage your self-esteem even more, and this
             is especially the case if you put up with abuse
             for a long time.
             Friends who aren’t kind to you aren’t really your
             friends, are they? Friends care about you and they
             want the best for you. However, they don’t want you
             to suffer or to feel out of place or put down. They
             want you to excel, and be happy and content with 
            who  you are and what you are.
             True friends celebrate your good news and are
             sorry when you have bad things happen to you. 
             They love everything about you and celebrate you. 
            True  friends love to see you happy. This is when
             they excel.
             Fake friends, on the other hand, hate when good
             things happen to you. In fact, they celebrate when
             bad things happen to you. Such friends are resentful
             about everything that you are. Fake friends hate to
             see you happy and love to see you upset. This is 
             when they excel.
             So, if you love yourself, you will make sure that you
             choose friends that will grace your life. Because fake
             friends don’t grace your life, but can destroy it over

             ~ Irene


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