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Stress, by Guest Evelyn Brooks

Posted on: July 1, 2010

             Hi, I’m Evelyn Roberts Brooks from
    and I’m so glad to be here
             as a guest at my friend Irene’s blog. I teach
             people how to be happy and stress-free no matter
             what’s going on in their life. I’d like to give
             you some coping tools for handling daily stress.
             Going to school can be like venturing onto a
             battlefield, and you might as well compare notes on
             stress with a soldier at war.You’ve got guerrillas
             (hostile students) who run sneak attacks when you
             were minding your own business, the sergeants
             (teachers) who give you orders, the general
             (principal) who keeps the whole operation moving
             forward hopefully under good guidance, and of
             course those commanders-in-chief: your parents.
             In my Amazon bestselling stress management book
             “Forget Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today” I
             explain simple ways that you can transform fear
             into hope, manage your anxiety and become your
             own cheerleader.
             With all those people to please–teachers, parents,
             friends–it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and
             uncertain. The stress load piles up fast. And it can
             get really out of hand if you pay more attention to
             what “they” will think of you, then you do about
             your own honest opinion of yourself.
             A huge part of stress relief is learning to feel easy
             in your own skin. To do this, you need to take time to
             get to know yourself and what is important to you.
             Stop seeking the type of approval from others that
             is all about getting temporary praise or compliments.
             Avoid getting trapped in a cycle of trying so hard
             to make everyone happy that you lose sight of the
             things you really love and enjoy.
             Instead, practice validating yourself and enjoying all
             the good qualities that you have and that you bring
             to the world. If you feel that you’ve gotten off-track
             with your studies, make an appointment with your
             school counselor and be pro-active about taking
             responsibility for your grades and test results.
             Here’s a meditation to relieve stress when you are
             feeling anxious and nervous: 1) close your eyes, and
             breathe calmly and slowly, 2) imagine that you are
             floating on a raft that is traveling on a river,
             3) enjoy the sensation of being safe, and know
             that you are loved by the universe.
             I hope you”ll stop by and
             pick up your gift from me. You can also get “Forget
             Your Troubles: Enjoy Your Life Today” there in an
             E-book format if you want to learn more about how
             to reduce your stress.


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